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It has been DTDC’s constant endeavour to understand its customers’ requirements and provide products & services in alignment with such needs. While DTDC has been offering products to suit all its customers, it has also been continuously researching in developing new products & services, which provide its customers the added advantage. We have been conducting periodic market studies to gain further insights into our customer requirements, which help us in product design & development. Subsequent to a recent study we have conceptualized, designed & developed a product to offer guaranteed delivery. As part of its product development initiative, DTDC has designed a premium product keeping in mind the customers’ needs towards safe & swift delivery of important & time sensitive documents.

  Plus Features  
»   Guaranteed Second business day delivery from New York to Mumbai and Delhi. *
»   Guaranteed Third business day delivery from New York to other Major Indian Cities.*
  *  Next Business Day Delivery means any consignment picked up on day one in New York and will be delivered on day Three barring unforeseen circumstances (including force majeure) and provided that day of delivery does not fall on a Sunday, public holiday or any local holiday at the destination city in India.
  Plus Service  
  INTRA ZONE      
  City Plus   :

Next Business Day (NBD) delivery available within the “Plus” cities to select Pincodes.

  Zonal Plus   : NBD delivery available within North, East, West & South zones to select Pincodes.
  Metro Plus : NBD delivery available for 6 metropolitan cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad from other locations with an exception to lanes between Chennai, Bangalore , Hyderabad which will be treated as zonal Plus as these cities are part of South Zone and hence advantage of Zonal Plus pricing passed on to customer as a part of South Zone.
  National Plus : Next Business Day delivery available between 4 Zones to select Pincodes at non-metro locations.
Note :
Priority Custom Clearance and Personalized service.
All Products are applicable only after arrival of Load at Indian Gateway (Delhi, Mumbai)
» Available for Documents & Parcels (In conformance to IATA guidelines).
» Available up to a maximum weight of 10 Kilos (Actual or Volumetric Weight, whichever is higher.
» Tamper-proof Security Pouch.