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DOCUMENTS ( DOX ) - A Document is generally defined as a written, typed or printed communication of no Commercial Value and it require no customs paper works .

NON DOCUMENTS ( SPX ) – All Non Documents International Sample Shipments requires six copies of typed Invoice with value preferably mentioned in US Dollars only .

All Non Documents International Commercial Shipments requires following paper works
  • IEC ( Import Export Certificate )
  • Bank Details ( Bank Name , Address & AD code and Exporter Account No )
  • Invoice ( 6 copies ) and Packing List ( 4 copies )
  • Exporter Rubber Stamp
  • Exporters Letter of Instructions
  • GSP / Certificate of Origin ( for Duty Draw Back shipments )
ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION - Other documents may be necessary based on the nature and the value of the shipment and on the particular rules of the destination country